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The Wrapping Paper Co.

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Since it was first established the owners and staff of The Wrapping Paper Company Pty Ltd have always supported community charities. Be it donations to MS Research, Red Cross, The Salvos, the Victorian Bushfire Appeal or giving products to smaller not well known charities, Wrapco has always tried to make a considered effort to support whenever we can. 

Our staff have generously donated of their own time to assist in the manufacturing of goods given to charity. Our suppliers have also generously supported our efforts by donating materials or goods.


Wrapco receives numerous requests for donations, not all are creditable or in the spirit of a charitable request. We have not been able to support all requests nor do we have the manpower to respond to all. We now have what we believe to be a fair and equitable company policy as to how we decide which charities we will support.


Wrapco Charitable Donations Policy.

Wrapco is a family owned business and even though we enjoy supporting our community, we are not able to, nor can we afford to donate to every legitimate request we receive. We will always respond to all legitimate written requests by phone or email, please understand our position if we have had to refuse your request for a donation this time.

Our policy is as follows:
1. The requesting organisation must be a registered charitable organisation established and known within the Australian and New Zealand community.


2. All requests must be made in writing on the official letter head of the charity and must be signed by an office holder or person of responsibility in that organisation. Please detail the cause, when, where and how it is to be held and the relevant contact person's details including an email address. 

In the first instance this letter may be faxed to 613 9239 5050 Att: Community Donations. 
The original letter must be mailed to: 
The Wrapping Paper Company Pty Ltd
PO Box 345 Braeside Victoria Australia 3195
Att: Community Donations.


3. For a donation of goods to be given by Wrapco, the receiving organisation must agree to supply digital images of when and how the goods were used and allow these to be published by Wrapco on our website. These images must be provided in a timely manner. The receiving organisation must also agree where possible to place the Wrapco logo on the receiving organisation's website with a link back to our own website. These requirements are of little or no expense to your organisation but are a benefit to us in promoting our Australian business. Please include acceptance of these conditions in your letter.


4. Where goods supplied by Wrapco are to be used for fundraising purposes by a charity, e.g. Christmas wrapping in a shopping centre, we may offer an additional 10% discount on the value of the goods supplied. Again we require a request letter be supplied by the organisation for the discount to be given and digital images taken for publishing on our website.


5. Before Wrapco decides to donate to or give a discount to a registered charity or organisation it will first establish the bona fides of the request by directly contacting that organisation.


6. In fairness to all, Wrapco will NOT donate to the same organisations each year but instead try to ensure all can be considered.