• +Web Browser Software

      It is a widely held opinion by website developers that the web browser Internet Explorer (IE) from Microsoft is one of the worst web browsers ever developed. The cost to support programming for these browsers is prohibitive and Wrapco cannot afford to do this anymore. If you choose to use Microsoft then upgrade to IE9 or the latest IE10. For years Microsoft has made programming to suit its browsers extremely difficult for web site developers.
      Wrapco suggests that you change to a different web browser. To get the best online experience download and enjoy one of the following web browsers:

      Firefox            Google Chrome            Opera

      All the above are excellent and free programs that are quick to download, very easy to install, extremely fast, safe and secure to use and they all give a wonderful online web browsing experience.

    • +How do I order?

      Before you start ordering you must make sure that your web browser security settings will allow you to do this. Microsoft Internet Explorer (MS-IE) is renowned for bugs and complications. Please download and install either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for a better online experience. If you must use MS-IE and have browsing problems contact us and we will refer you to online information from MS on how to fix the issue. Note: some corporations will internally block and disallow purchasing on the internet via their corporate computers.

      Step 1: Adding items to shopping cart
      Browse through the website and click on a product image for more detailed information. When you have found an item/s that you would like to purchase, enter the quantity you would like to order and click on the ADD TO CART button. A display box will appear notifying you that the item you have selected has been added to the shopping cart. This display window can be closed allowing you to continue shopping.
      You have not purchased any products at this point. You can change product quantities or delete products later. You can abandon your shopping cart by leaving the Wrapco website.

      Step 2: Your shopping cart
      To review the product/s you wish to purchase click on the SHOPPING CART in the Added to Shopping Cart display window or the button at the top right hand side of the website banner.
      To amend the quantity:
      •    Change the number in the Quantity box
      •    Select the quantity update button (blue arrows).
      •    The cart will update your order.
      To delete an item from your cart:
      •    Click on Delete Product From Cart link beside the product you would like to delete.
      Please enter any Discount Code that may be applicable at this time in the discount code field provided. A discount code is a discount offered by Wrapco via promotional material (e.g. Website, Newsletter or Blog). This discount code allows you to receive the discounts deemed at that time. Discounts are normally not available on reduced or sale items. Don't forget to click Save button.
      When you are happy with your selections, click the Check Out Now button.

      Step 3: Login or Register at the Checkout
      When Checking Out you will be asked to Login if you are a returning customer or Register if you are a new customer. However you may choose not to do either and Checkout as Guest customer. If you purchase as a Checkout as Guest then your details will not be recorded for future use. Wrapco highly reccomends that you Register so that you can easily obtain your previous order history as well as the convenience of not having to enter all your shipping details again.
      If you are a returning customer, please enter your login name and password. These details were emailed to you when you first registered and may be your email address or you may have altered them in Account to the Login details that you always use.
      If you are a new customer please complete all the fields marked with an asterisk (*). Make sure to check that all your information is correct. If you Register an auto response email will be sent to the email address entered in your registration confirming your new login name and password. Initially the login name is always the email address that you registered with. It is best not to change this login name however you can Login and amend both the username and password details in Account. Note: Your login name must be unique, it is how the website identifies you. You will not be able to use a login name already in use by another customer.
      Always read the Wrapco Terms and Conditions when registering.

      When you have entered your details click either the Register and Checkout or Checkout as Guestbutton.

      Step 4: Shipping Method
      Please select a shipping metod from the choices available. Australian shoppers have the choice between Standard eParcel or Express Post eParcel. eParcel is registered parcel post sent via Australia Post. AusPost requires you to sign for the parcel upon delivery.
      For International customers we use EMS Economy Express Courier, the cost to deliver is indicated. EMS requires you to sign for the parcel upon delivery. Click the Save button.

      Step 5: Confirm Order
      This is the last opportunity to review your order. Take the opportunity to review your billing and delivery information to ensure that the goods arrive to you in a timely fashion. You can also add a note if required. Note: Currently you cannot request special delivery times or locations other than the address you have provided (e.g. "place in my dog Lou's kennel" or "leave behind the gate" are NOT allowed). Click the Confirm Order button.

      Step 6: Payment & Credit Card details (256-bit encrypted secure area)
      You can now choose a method of payment (please see options further down). If you are paying by Credit Card please ensure that all fields are completed. It is always a good idea to check and recheck the Credit Card information you provide to ensure that it is 100% accurate. If you are happy with your order click the Pay Now button. That's it you have completed your order. If your credit card has processed correctly a new window opens thanking you for the order. A confirmation email is immediately sent to you with your order details included. Please check the confirmation order thoroughly. If you find a problem with your order email Wrapco immediately -

    • +I don't want to use my Credit Card online, How do I pay?

      No worries! Place your order online anyway, just choose the Pay by Phone option in the Checkout. Wrapco accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard or Amex over the phone using eWay Telephone payment method however there is an additional $15 charge to cover the handling costs. If you place an order online to be paid via the phone your confirmation email will explain how phone payments can be made.
      We also accept payment by Direct Deposit however there is an additional $15 charge to cover the handling costs, again choose Pay by Phone and you will receive a confirmation email with all the payment options on it. Your payment confirms that we have got everything correct with your order. Your payment will need to be confirmed either by eMail or Fax prior to Wrapco shipping the goods.
    • +I don't have a Credit Card, How do I pay?

      No worries! Place your order online anyway, just choose the Pay by Phone option in the Checkout. Wrapco accepts payment by Direct Deposit however there is an additional $15 charge to cover the handling costs, again choose Pay by Phone and you will receive a confirmation email with all the payment options on it. Your payment confirms that we have got everything correct with your order. Your payment will need to be confirmed either by eMail or Fax prior to Wrapco shipping the goods.
    • +Do I need to Register?

      No, you do not have to register in order to buy online. If you do not want to register then all we require is for you to enter your correct delivery details each time that you order from us. For casual shoppers this can work well but there is a down side to not registering.
      • Yes you will need to always enter your delivery details each time you order, boring.
      • You cannot search previous orders or when orders were placed. We canno­t save your details if you haven't registered and we won't be able to tell you in the future. Phoning Wrapco also will not work, there are no useable records kept for unregistered sales.
      • If you haven'­t registered there can be no wish list nor can you use quick and easy reordering tools nor shopping cart lists held. If your connection fails or your online purchase is delayed then your shopping cart can time out losing all details and shopping list.
      As you can see there are real benefits to registering on Wrapco'­s website.

    • +I want to register but I can't.

      If you are trying to register, but the site will not let you then possibly you are doing something wrong. Could it be that you or someone else from your company has already registered? When you register with us our website identifies you by two criteria. One is your email address and the second is your login name. After you have registered your email address is always the login name. (Your login name may be changed to a different easier login name by altering your details in Account­ after registering). If you think that maybe you might already be registered then go to the next step.
    • +I have forgotten my login details

      Forgotten if you have already registered or lost your Login Name or Password? Go to Account­ the link is at the very top of our website. Click on the Forgot your Login Name­ or Forgot your Password links. For security the answer will only be sent to the email address that you used when you registered. You will need access to the email account that you used to register with to be able to retrieve your password or login name.

    • +Dial up versus Broadband

      Are you using a Dial-Up internet connection? As websites become more complex the amount of data that is sent increases exponentially. Dial-up internet connections are very slow and can drop out and break the connection. Using a dial up connection is just not quick enough anymore for this fast paced online world and you should look at investing in a broadband connection. As far as Wrapco is concerned the Australian NBN cannot happen soon enough. It will give all Australians the affordability to connect at speeds that will allow fantastic new experiences in the future including buying online. If you are not connected to Broadband then your order may time out and your shopping list be lost. If this happens you may need to totally exit out of your web browser and start again. It may be quicker to email, phone or fax your order to us but still keep on using the website as a catalogue to look at all the wonderful products that we design and print. Email, Freecall 1800 244 745 or Fax 03 9239 5050.

    • +Are you Security Blocked?

      Do you work in a large Company or Government Department? Some Corporations or government departments have internet security systems that do not allow online purchasing by the staff as a security policy. They also may use security blocking for businesses that are not well known. To find out if you or Wrapco is blocked please ask the Company IT manager or look up the organisation'­s IT policy.

    • +Minimum Order Value

      Wrapco is a wholesale website and has a AU$150.00 minimum order value. If your order is under this amount the order will not be processed. Similarly if you phone, email or fax an order to us your order will not be accepted. We are sorry but there cannot be any exceptions. Wrapco does have an online reseller called Inky Co. who does not have a minimum order value. Please visit Inky Co. to purchase retail quantity of Wrapco's products.

    • +Security Time Out

      To protect personal information all online shops limit the time allowed to complete/confirm payment of an order. When you have decided to buy online please have your credit card ready, and complete your order at the checkout as soon as possible. Once you have confirmed your order do not press the back button. You should then see a window thanking you for your order and receive a confirmation email of your order. If this does not happen your purchase has failed and you will need to place it again.
    • +Correct Credit Card Details

      If you enter the wrong card number, wrong expiry date or wrong security (CVV) number, your payment will be rejected by our payment processor eWay. More importantly if you do this more than 3 times in a row we have to bump you out. Why? Each time that you make a mistake we are charged by eWay the company that Wrapco employs to securely process your payment. You will be bumped out from being able to try again for 30 minutes. If you haven'­t registered then you will need to add each item again into your shopping cart. .
    • +Payment

      Orders can be paid with credit card at the checkout or alternatively you can choose the Pay by Phone option and phone through your Credit Card details. It is possible to place an order and pay by direct deposit or cheque in the mail. Please note that there is an additional $15 handling fee to cover our costs if you choose any of these methods. The only exception to this is if Wrapco has authorised a credit account to be used with an official company purchase order.
    • +Internet Browser Software Updates

      New browser software becomes available all the time and may cause problems with compatibility on all websites. Wrapco'­s website developers continue to keep pace with all the latest developments but hey they don'­t know everything. Please let us know if you are experiencing difficulties after a recent browser update and we will rectify the problem as soon as possible.
      Still having problems? If you choose to use Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers IE6, IE7 or IE8 we cannot support you and our website will probably not function correctly. If it'­s a different issue please either email us at or call us on 613 9239 5000, we are here to help you.
      We would love your feedback about our website, all opinion good or bad about our site will help us to improve those features that you love or hate. Please tell us via our Contact us. Please be specific about what it is that you want to tell us about. Thank you.