Beautiful wrapping of a gift is an art, the celebration of a special occasion. Gift giving is immensely gratifying to both the giver and the receiver. Having the pleasure of opening a present that is beautifully wrapped, untying ribbons, unfolding carefully folded paper and the rustle of tissue that encloses the gift brings great pleasure. It's not surprising that gift wrapping has boomed in recent years - the desire to give a stylish and admirable package is nearly as important as choosing the right gift.

So how do you do this? How do you create that beautifully wrapped gift to give to that special someone? In "Wrapping Tips" we give you ideas, instructions and a bit of common sense on how to give your next gift that sensational look you have always wanted. From simple, basic instructions on how to wrap correctly to slide shows for more complex wrapping. The presentation of any gift should look just as exciting as the gift itself. Experiment and have fun wrapping your gifts. To help inspire we have added some images here of the various wrapping techniques that you can try.

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