1. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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  2. 2017 Christmas Shipping Dates


    The Wrapco printing presses are running flat out printing lots and lots of lovely Christmas wrapping paper.
    By designing and printing right here in Melbourne, Australia, we are able to keep our printing presses running
    all the way up until Christmas so we'll never run out!

    Support local this Christmas!
    Buy Australian designed and made!

    To make sure your gorgeous Australian gift wrap gets to you in time for the big day
    we suggest following the following shipping dates from Courier Please and Australia Post...



    Wrapco will close on Friday the 22nd of December,
    our last Couriers Please dispatch will leave at midday.

    We will return on Thursday the 18th of January 2018.

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  3. TAKE2 - Using climate change to add value to your business

    TAKE2 - Using climate change to add value to your business

    TAKE2 article about The Wrapping Paper Company published on the 23rd of August 2017

    Think you don’t have the time, inclination or resources to run your business more sustainably?  It may be time for a rethink.

    Small business owner Harry Dam believes it will ultimately become a pressing priority for all organisations and to ignore it will significantly impact their business success.

    Harry and wife Carolyn established The Wrapping Paper Company 20 years ago. A TAKE2 Founding Partner, it’s Australia’s only designer and manufacturer of wrapping paper and accessories for complimentary gift wrapping.

    With a 13 person workforce and a factory in Braeside, the couple decided 12 years ago to factor the company’s environmental impact into their bottom line.

    “We became cognisant of the impact we were having on the environment and had a change of heart,” says Harry. “We looked at our children and thought ‘do we really want to be responsible for them and their children living with the effects of climate change because of what we manufacture?’

    “It was a simple decision we took to change the way we do things and make a difference.”

    Their most significant change has been installing a 60Kw solar panel system on their factory roof. It had a direct impact on their bottom line by reducing costs, but also changed the way the company was perceived by customers.

    “We deal with a lot of Fortune 500 companies and for some of our bigger clients, our attitudes towards sustainability and climate change are the main reason they go with us.

    “More and more, the buying public are also becoming increasingly discerning and things like a business’ environmental impact is an important consideration in making any purchase.”

    When it comes to its own suppliers, The Wrapping Paper Company prefers businesses with a similar mindset. All the paper they use is from sustainably grown timber. The inks are Australian made, heavy metal free and 100% sustainable. The ethanol they use as a solvent is Australian made from sugar cane spirit.

    Harry, who is a great TAKE2 advocate and has supported other organisations to make the TAKE2 pledge, believes the biggest barrier to more climate-friendly operations for a lot of businesses is a perception that improved sustainability means increased cost.

    “I think we need to stop looking at it that way. With increased understanding and concern about climate change among customers, being a sustainable business is a real value add.

    “It allows you to ask a premium price for your product and you don’t have to continually discount to stay ahead of the game.”

    He says it’s fairly simple to make a start on improving sustainability. “Obviously, deciding climate change matters is the first step.

    “But there are plenty of things you can do immediately for little or no cost, like switching off the lights when you’re done, using timers to switch off equipment, leaving nothing on standby and reducing waste and recycling.

    “As well as reducing your impact on climate change, you’ll save money as you would with any improved efficiency.”

     Another significant but perhaps less obvious benefit has been on The Wrapping Paper Company’s staff.

    “Since we’ve made sustainability a priority, the attitudes and demeanour of our staff have improved because they’re proud to be part of an organisation that has taken a stand on climate change and follows through on it.”

    He says that the company’s environmental credentials have made them a desirable employer that attracts high quality job applicants.

    “I think would-be staff realise that because of our stand, we’re good people to work for, not just another boss. Our mindset of taking care of the environment also applies to our people. We treat them with respect and appreciate the value they bring to the business.”

    Harry speaks to a lot of other business owners about making the TAKE2 pledge and changing the way they do operate to preserve the planet. Not surprisingly, some are less interested than others.

    “Business owners or CEOs who have doubts about sustainable business practices will find that while it may not matter to them now, it will one day.

    “I believe you’re a lot better off reacting sooner rather than later or it will definitely catch up with you down the track.”

    Like Harry says, it starts with a commitment. You can do that by making your TAKE2 pledge today.

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  4. WHAM!



    Inspired by 80's pop, Wham is a strong geometric pattern soften with blush pink and metallic gold inks on semi-gloss wrapping paper 

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    Musk Flora

    Inspired by the native flora of the Musk region near Daylesford, this beautiful paper has been printed in peach and olive tones of matte white wrapping paper 

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    This years collection is designed to suit Mum's of all ages. Floral patterns and delicate shades of Nude, Peach,

    Gold and Indigo feature heavily.  Team you wrap with beautiful gossamer thin organza's in pastel colours and

    rich gold metallic ribbon. Finish off the final presentation with a handmade gold tassel and a simple gift tag.

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    The Wrapping Paper Co. are proud supporters & suppliers of the Far North Queensland Hospital

    Foundation and would like to congratulate them on this amazing milestone.

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    Time is running out to get your Christmas Wrapping goodies in time.


    Below are some suggested Australian Post delivery times.


    WA - up to 10 business days  (Oops! I think you have left it too late unless you arrange a courier)

    QLD - up to 7 business days  (Oops! I think you have left it too late unless you arrange a courier)

    NSW & SA - up to 5 business days  (It is getting tight, I think you need to arrange a courier)

    VIC - up to 4 business days  (It is getting tight!)


    If these times are not suitable, you can arrange to personally pick up your order when it has been packed

    or have your courier pick up from Wrapco.

    Wrapco can also arrange to give you a quotation for a courier to deliver your goodies.

    Please email sales@wrapco.com.au or telephone (03)9239 5000


    If you require an order that is not required for Christmas, please place your order as soon as possible

    and we will dispatch your order before we close for our Christmas holiday.

    Wrapco is closing on the 22nd of December 2016 at midday and will re-open on the 18th of January 2017.

    Orders can be placed online during our break, but will not be dispatched until after we return.


    New Zealand's last dispatch for 2016 has left.  NZ orders can be placed online during our break,

    but will not be dispatched until the 25th of January 2017.



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    The Wrapping Paper Co. entrusts the delivery of all your goodies with Australia Post, their comprehensive

    and reliable delivery network ensures the safest passage for your precious order.


    An email is sent out from Wrapco when your order has been packed and ready to be picked up by

    Australia Postthis email contains a link so that you can track your order.


    Here are some fabulous tips and services that Australia Post offer to make the delivery of your

    order even easier.

    To read more from Australia Post CLICK HERE


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