Having mastered wrapping a perfect gift you are now ready to move on to the next step. Wrapco developed in Australia the Belli-Band concept over 10 years ago. A simple and fantastic product which now is being copied because they are just such a great idea. Belli-Bands™ add an inexpensive contrasting highlight to a wrapped gift that immediately lifts it to a new level. Adding a Belli-Band™ is simple and very easy to do, just follow the instructions below.


See how simple that is, just loop the Belli-Bands™ around the gift and secure it with a gift seal or good sticky tape.
Add organza ribbon and even a 5mm curling ribbon to give that final finishing touch. Your gift wrapping will look perfect.


To assist you further with attaching a Belli-Band and Ribbon we have photograhed a sequence of images that are available in a pdf slide show.

Click the ISSUU link below to view the slide show.




OK, so now you may want to learn how to tie that perfect bow. But just not any bow this is a super bow using 38mm wide Striped Grosgrain Ribbon, perfect for any Christmas gift.

Click the ISSUU link below to learn how to Tie a great Bow.