Christmas Nude Gold Collection

Christmas time is the season for giving. A time to reflect on the year that has been and give thanks. Thanking your customers with beautiful complimentary gift wrapping is a great way to show your appreciation of their custom.

nude gold

From bottom left: Peace, Love, Joy, gift wrap tied with metallic gold wired organza and decorated with gold bells. Top right: Three Wise Men tied with gold metallic cord and black satin ribbon, decorated with a gold foil letterpress xmas message tag. Top right: Let it Snow Gold, tied with gold metallic cord, gold metallic wired organza and a gold foil letterpress Geoforest gift tag.  Bottom right: Plain Nude gift wrap tied with fine gold metallic cord and decorated with gold bells. Centre bottom: New Christmas gold foiled message clear seals. Go to the Christmas Shop

The Wrapping Paper Co.’s Nude Gold Collection embodies all the good sentiments of this time of year. The first of the collection ‘Three Wise Men’ printed in metallic gold, nude and black is inspired by the biblical story of Christmas, but pared back to have broad appeal to everyone, regardless of their beliefs. The gift wrap features a desert scene in tones of nude and gold. Gold date palms adorn the sand dunes, camels patiently wait with their humps laden in wrapped gifts. Ornate vessels containing frankincense and myrrh are sitting next to the waiting camels, whilst overhead bright stars guide the travellers. Team this elegant paper with gold metallic cords, black satin and one of the ‘New’ gold foil letterpress tags.

Peace, Love Joy, is the second member of the collection. These three words epitomize the seasons good wishes. A classic gold typographic paper featuring the wording ‘Peace, Love, Joy’ printed in luscious metallic gold ink on a semi gloss premium quality 80 gsm paper, sourced from sustainable forests. Team this paper with lashings of gold metallic wired ribbon and finish off with a pair of gold bells tied on with fine metallic gold cord. 

The final member of the trio is the popular ‘Let it Snow’. No matter where you are in the world, snowflakes seem to be one of the most popular symbols of Christmas. ‘Let it Snow’ features graphic snowflake symbols and typographic phrases such as ‘Let it Snow’, ‘Merry Christmas’’ and No Peeking’,  To match this design Wrapco has released the ‘New’ Gold foil letterpress message tags and a range of five different clear seals, gold foil stamped with five different Christmas messages. The seals are a great way to embellish a gift or just to use to seal the gift instead of cello tape. Combine with a plain nude or gold belli-band® add a ribbon of your choice from Wrapco’s huge collection to finalise the gift wrapping. Wrapco stocks an amazing range of ribbons for all your Christmas wrapping needs in a kaleidoscope of colours, from simple twines and fine metallic cords to beautiful organzas and wired metallic ribbons, Wrapco has a massive collection to choose from.

Wrapco, an Australian family owned and run business, is passionate about designing and making ethically produced sustainable gift wrapping. It is always striving to be eco-friendly in all aspects of it's Melbourne-based business. Its manufacturing process is powered by 100 per cent solar and green energy, raw materials are sourced from eco responsible suppliers, and paper is only sourced from sustainable plantations. Gift wrap need not be detrimental to the environment, paper packaging from sustainable forests is totally recyclable.

Ordering Australian gift wrapping couldn’t be easier, with simple online ordering, secure payment gateway and free delivery. Counter rolls (50 metres x 500mm) wholesale for $39 Aus$. Belli-bands® (50 metres x 90mm) wholesale for $9 Aus$. (All prices include gst and free delivery)

A full range of gift wrapping accessories and custom printing are also available. 

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Bottom left: Geoforest gold foiled gift tags. Top right: Christmas gold foiled message gift tags. Centre: Peace, Love, Joy, gift wrap. Bottom right: Fine gold metallic cord and gold bells. Go to the Christmas Shop

Nude gold collection

Christmas Nude Gold Collection 50 metre counter rolls: Top: Peace, Love, Joy.  Centre: Three Wise Men. Bottom: Let It Snow. All designs are also available as belli-bands®.  Go to the Christmas Shop