Xmas Gift

Christmas time is the season for giving. A time to reflect on the year that has been and give thanks. Thanking your customers with beautiful complimentary gift wrapping is a great way to show your appreciation of their custom.

This time is a busy time of year for retailers, but there are lots of short cuts to make it easier. 

Wrapco’s tips for in store complimentary Christmas gift wrapping.

• Prepare early. Decide on a colour theme for your Christmas gift wrapping. Get wrapping inspiration from Wrapco’s website www.wrapco.com.au and instagram @wrapco

• Order your Christmas gift wrapping online at www.wrapco.com.au. Wholesale prices and free delivery Australia wide. Wrapco designs and manufactures in Australia, so you won’t be let down. The Wrapco printing presses keep printing right through to Christmas.

• Train your staff in the basic techniques of gift wrapping.

• Pre gift wrap popular items, make an instore display with them.

Here is a little tip to help with your Christmas wrapping. Pre make decorative bows in quite times, they can be simply tied onto the gift when wrapping. Gifts will look stunnning and it saves time. Saved off cuts can be used to make these bows, thus preventing wastage.

Get creative with your pre made bows, add a decorative feature such as a bell, a sprig of foliage or a decorative bauble.

How to tie a decorative Xmas Bow