Keeping your Australian designed & made gift wrap in premium condition is easy.

Here are a few tips to keep your gift wrapping materials in premium condition, please store in the dispenser box the product is supplied in or on a dispenser stand.

All gift wrapping materials should be stored away from excessive heat, sunlight, moisture, and solvents. Humidity in the air is naturally absorbed by all paper products, including your gift wrap.

If you live in a hot humid area, it is best to store your gift wrap in a cool dry spot preferably in a sealed air/moisture proof container. Gift Wrap is a paper product and will deteriorate with age.

Wrapping paper products will eventually yellow with age and if subjected to direct sunlight or heat. Wrapping paper will absorb moisture from the environment.

Gift wrapping kept in humid conditions will absorb moisture, this can cause the paper to deteriorate and cause it to stick together when it dries.

Excessive heat can cause the protective anti-scuff waxes in the printing inks to melt. When cooling this can cause the paper to stick. Enjoy while it is at it's premium.

PLEASE NOTE: - Hand sanitiser, alcohol/solvent based cleaning products used to clean counter tops & hands can affect the inks on gift wrap.

Please ensure that your wrapping area is clean and dry before gift wrapping. Always ensure that your hands are cleaned thoroughly with soap and water and dry before gift wrapping.