The Wrapping Paper Co. Pty Ltd and Inky Co. Pty Ltd (Wrapco & Inky Co.) is committed to respecting human rights and believes that all people should be treated with dignity and respect, in line with our core values “Wrapco & Inky Co. care for the wellbeing of all” and “Wrapco & Inky Co. acts with integrity”. 

Ethics is at the heart of everything that both Wrapco & Inky Co do, and how we do it. The Wrapco & Inky Co principles of Respect, Integrity, Courage, and Transparency are the day-to-day values we hold and adhere to.

Wrapco & Inky Co. seeks to create positive social impacts by mitigating human rights related risks and promoting respect for human rights within our business and activities. 

As a part of our commitment to respecting human rights, we will:

▪ Work to align our business activities and practices with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights;

▪ Treat employees fairly, without harassment or discrimination, and promote diversity in our workplace; 

▪ Recognise the rights of our employees to freedom of association and collective bargaining; 

▪ Will take actions to facilitate the prevention of work-related risks and health hazards; 

▪ Rejects all forms of slavery, forced or child labour, and will work to ensure that such practices are not present in our business or our supply chain; 

▪ Through appropriate due diligence, Wrapco & Inky Co. will seek to avoid knowingly engaging in business activities where it could be complicit in human rights abuses, including the Modern Slavery Act 2018 requirements; 

▪ If Wrapco & Inky Co. discovers that they are (or may be) associated with human rights violations, immediate appropriate action will be taken; 

▪ Respect the human rights of the community in which we operate; 

▪ Engage with stakeholders on human rights issues and provide an easily accessible complaints mechanism to resolve grievances in a timely manner; 

▪ Recognise the rights of all Indigenous peoples, acknowledging their connections to lands and waters and respecting their culture;

▪ Wrapco is a subscribing supplier-member of Sedex, an international organisation that monitors Human Rights within retail supply chains;

▪ Wrapco is a signatory to Mutual Ethical Commitment Letters from various companies that we supply products to;

▪ Communicate this policy both online as well as all stakeholders, including employees, contractors and suppliers, and those working within our supply chains, and provide human rights training to relevant employees. 

Respect for human rights are embedded in other Wrapco & Inky Co. policies and management systems.

All policies will be reviewed periodically to ensure they remain relevant to both the needs of Wrapco & Inky Co. and their customers.

Signed by the Directors of Wrapco & Inky Co.

H. Dam, C. Dam, J. Dam & C. Eman


The Wrapping Paper Company Pty Ltd is committed to managing its entire operations in an environmentally responsible manner through self commitment to FSC® and PEFC programmes, ensuring the protection of the environment for this and future generations.